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Welcome! This group is for Female Entrepreneurs who want to help each other prosper and share their successes to lift each other up. This is the Mighty Networks version of our Facebook Community with over 832,000 members at www.womenhelpingwomen.group

Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs was created as a vehicle through which women can help other women in the most important areas of their lives: business, personal-growth and balancing family and career. The goal is to provide women with the resources, tools and skills they need to prosper and succeed.

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Here you will easily find, in an organized and user friendly format, classes, tools, resources and trainings here for FREE to help you with social media marketing, branding, PR and online marketing, so make sure to add to bookmark this link.

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Thank you for joining us here! We can't wait to share with you tons of useful content that you need right now for you business success!